Flavoring Line

1.Flavoring material adopts screw fixed conveying, advanced flavoring system guarantee flavored evenly, speed of screw are adjustable.

2.Rotary roller adopts complete molding without dead angle.

3.Mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks,etc.

Screw Conveyor


1.Do OEM

2.High efficiency;

3.High quality;

4.Plant Automatic screw conveyor,spiral screw conveyor factory, pellets transfer;

Belt Conveyor

Portable Belt Conveyor is very well suited for a broad range of free flowing products in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, .such as snack foods, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionary. Chemicals and other granules.


Main Usage

This machine is made up of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box.

It has properties of wind selection, having no sieve or net, and an even granularity of the processed material.

The production process going on continuously and the machine can undertake grinding of chemical products, foodstuff, medicine, medicament, cosmetics, plastic, dyestuff, resin, grain, etc.

Screening Machine

1.Use of the principle of vibration motor vibration make the material in the screen surface being tossed leap forward in a straight line,in order to match the screen reasonable to achieve screening purposes.
2.Suitable for granular, powder material of screening.
3.Making materials upward on screen mesh, at the same time, move forward in a direct line and pass through the multi-layered screen mesh.(Two Layer)
4. It can balance the screen-penetrating accuracy and the output by adjusting the obliquity of the screen plane.
5. Linear vibrating screen uses vibrating motor as vibration source.
6.Low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully closed structure without dust scattering.
7.Available for abrasive and abrasive materials, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, building materials, food and chemical fertilizer industries in the dry powder or granular material screening.

Powder Mixer

Main Features
(1) With CE certification
(2) High mixing speed and short uniform time. Mixing speed is around 8-20mins.
(3) All stainless steel 304 material.
(4) Full Mirror polished mixing tank inside, as well as ribbon and shaft.
(5)Safety switch ,safety grid.
(6) Castors for easy moving.
(7)Technical discharge hole design to guarantee no material leaking.

Full Stainless Grinding Group

Since it features a simple structure, firm and stable operation and good crushing effect,

the crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber of the host machine and the desired granule size can be obtained by installing screens with different apertures.

Besides, the whole machine is made of stainless steel.

The inner surface of the enclosure becomes smooth through processing, thus changing the powder residual phenomenon due to the coarse inner surface of the previous models.

Semi Automatic Fryer

This semi automatic frying machine adopt oil-water mixture new technology, automatic filtering slag, greatly extend the life cycle of frying oil, can be repeatedly used for a long time without replace the oil, can be used in fried dried fruit nuts, puffed food, meat product,etc, such as potato chips, rice crisp, sweet sticky rice strips, peanut, beans, and fried cake with sugar, squid, fried chicken, etc. The main heating types for choose: electric heating, coal heating, natural gas heating, LPG heating.

Continuous Fryer

With functions of frying, de-oiling, and conveying in compact structure.
PLC centrally controls the frying process in high automation.
Heat supply of diesel/gas burner make temperature up or down fast with low power consumption in high efficiency.
Advanced temperature control device and reasonable stirring device ensure the best frying quality.
Two control ways, manual and automatic, make operation flexible.
Hot oil boiler circular heating make temperature up fast and small fluctuation of oil temperature.
Dynamic oil filter system cleans the waste residue and keeps oil fresh during frying.
It can adopt diesel, gas, coal, etc. as energy source.

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