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Jinan Zhuoheng Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jinan Zhuoheng Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of different food processing machines. Like Puff snack food making machine, Pet food making machine, Fish feed pellet making machine and Pasta macaroni making machine etc.

It established since 2008 years, with development about 10 years, now has own complete team.  R&D department, Production department , Sales department and Excellent after-sales service department.

Technology without borders, Service is endless. 

Let's work together, we will do create something better!



Innovative technology and product development
Our Advantage
Innovative technology and product development
Some expanded food production lines feature innovative technology and product development capabilities, continually introducing new varieties and flavors of expanded foods to meet market demands and consumer preferences.
Quality control and food safety
Equipped with advanced quality control systems and food safety management systems, expanded food production lines ensure that the produced expanded foods meet quality standards and food safety requirements, safeguarding consumer health and safety.
Efficient production
Utilizing advanced expansion technology and equipment, expanded food production lines achieve high production speeds and large-scale production capabilities, enhancing production efficiency and reducing costs.
Modern expanded food production lines typically offer versatility, capable of producing various types of expanded foods such as expanded grains, legumes, and snacks, catering to the diverse needs of consumers.
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