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Newest 200 kg/h Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine

Newest 200 kg/h Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine

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Pasta Macaroni Making Machine as one of our company main products, It takes engineer much time on it. We continuously improve the extruder and update newest technology. This month the NEWEST pasta macaroni extruder finished, let see some points about it.

This machine adopting Vacuum Cold Extrusion Technology, only using wheat flour and water as raw material.

The extrusion unite consist of vacuum system, transmission system, vacuum feeding part , cold extrusion system and cutting system.

One production line can produce different shapes pasta by changing the mold. ( All molds are imported from Italy directly.)

More details about this machine, welcome to contact us.

Newest 200 kg/h Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine

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