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  • Screening Machine

    Screening Machine

    1.Use of the principle of vibration motor vibration make the material in the screen surface being tossed leap forward in a straight line,in order to match the screen reasonable to achieve screening purposes. 2.Suitable for granular, powder material of screening. 3.Making materials upward on screen mesh, at the same time, move forward in a direct line and pass through the multi-layered screen mesh.(Two Layer) 4. It can balance the screen-penetrating accuracy and the output by adjusting the obliquity of the screen plane. 5. Linear vibrating screen uses vibrating motor as vibration source. 6.Low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully closed structure without dust scattering. 7.Available for abrasive and abrasive materials, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, building materials, food and chemical fertilizer industries in the dry powder or granular material screening.

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